Monty - Limited Signed Poster


Sir Thomas Trueheart “Tommy” is a true hero and symbol of kindness and forgiveness. He had acid poured over his face and was lucky to survive. Even though his encounter with an awful human left him scarred for life on the outside his heart did not stay scarred. Today he is a spokescat for the abused and forgotten. Tommy lives at Milo’s Sanctuary, a special needs cat rescue, that saved his life. By getting this poster you support Milo’s Sanctuary since 100% of the profit gods directly to them.

Size: 12”x16”

Paper: High quality art paper

Signed by Monty (paw Print) and numbered from 1 to 100.

this digital painting is done by the artist @Joliealicia. Check her other pieces on her Instagram.



Category: Home Decor, poster

Type: Merchandise

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