The Monty Fund


Hi, it's Mikala and Michael here, the proud parents of Monty. Through the past years we have been working on making the world a better place for animals. Monty is a huge inspiration to us and we have been selling jewelry inspired by the fantastic life that Monty has shown us. 

We are promoting the message of "spay and neuter" to reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals that are abandoned each year, along with "adopt dont shop" in order to find homes for the poor souls in need of a forever home. We also donate 10% of our sales to helping animals in need. This means that if you buy a Monty jewelry you help us feed 20-30 shelter cats. 

In response to your requests and because we want to make a difference, we have made it possible to donate directly to our new Monty Fund. Donating to The Monty Fund guarantees that the biggest portion of your money ends up in the right place. 

We spend a great deal of time investigating recipients of the fund, and carefully pick candidates who desperately need financial help to rescue animals.


We will provide transparent updates on our site so that you can see exactly where your donations go. We keep no money for ourselves and we do not profit from the Monty Fund. 96% of your donation goes directly to helping animals in need, and 4% pays for the PayPal transaction fee.

Join us in making a difference today by clicking here to donate to the Monty Fund, or click here to follow us on Social Media.

We hope that you will help us helping the animals in need all over the world. 
Thank you, Love and happiness 
Mikala & Michael