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Monty's Fluff Cover

So many of you have asked us to make a phone cover with Monty on so you could have him with you all the time. This might seem like an easy task—just put a picture of Monty on a cover! However, the thing is that Monty is very special. So to have Monty with you all the time should definitely feel special too. It has been a while now since we started on this project and we have been so close to calling it off way too many times but we really could not stand the feeling of letting you guys down. Now, after almost two years, countless hours of consulting the best danish designers, and sleepless nights worrying about the outcome for the next prototype in production, we proudly and finally present to you the Monty Fluff Cover. Made from Monty’s own fur which has been collected gently during shedding seasons. When pressed together the fur will provide a 9-foot-drop-proof protective cover that has antislip grip but is still extremely soft.

We believe that your phone will spend way less time in your pocket and more time in your hand from now on. 

Love & Happiness,
Monty’s purrents