About us

Monty is a special little cat born with chromosome abnormalities and adopted from an animal shelter when he was three years old. He is very gentle and he is not afraid of anyone or anything he just loves attention.
By raising attention to the fact that looking different doesn't mean you can't be fantastic, Monty has now become an ambassador for animals and humans world wide who may not look perfect in everyone's eyes. He is also promoting shelter animals and spay and neutering as a solution to all the homeless animals in the world.
His family is selling Monty merchandise and beautiful jewelry with his message of "love before appearance and acceptance of who you are" By getting something from our shop you support our cause of helping animals in need.
We fight for animal wellfare. Through Monty's Facebook and Instagram we share the happy stories as well as spreading important knowlege about how to make the world a better place for our animals.    
Michael Monty team   Michael Bjorn (Monty's Dad)        
Mikala Monty team   Mikala Klein (Monty's Mom)