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King Monty in Copenhagen Postcard

Monty Rules Denmark

Monty's PAWsomeness and cuteness have reach the whole world and it is so amazing that his messages of "love before appearance" and "adopt don't shop" have had such an impact. In Denmark where we, Monty's parents and Monty, live Monty has become so popular that even not the most famous Danish popstar or the prime minister of Denmark can compete. So we had a street artist to make this purrfect picture of Monty sitting on one of the most famous historical buildings in the center of Copenhagen playfully waiving away the news helicopters while people are joyfully filling their phones with fantastic pictures of the event. We have the picture hanging on the wall in the Monty office in our home and we think it is so nice that we wanted to share it with you all. Hope you like it :)  

Category: Home Decor, Merch

Type: Merchandise

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