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Does Monty really pee in his sleep?

September 21, 2018

Does Monty really pee in his sleep?

Some of the most frequent questions we get asked is how we handle Monty peeing in his sleep all the time and why he does it. So, we have gathered all the questions related to this topic and we’re going to answer them in this blog post! Here we go!

Why does Monty pee in his sleep?

We actually don’t know why Monty pees in his sleep! After two ultrasounds of his bladder, we still have no definite answer! Between us and the vets, we think that he must have a loose bladder. He always uses the litterbox when he’s awake and never leaks anywhere. When he finds his own urine on a blanket, he seems very confused and doesn’t realize the pee is from him!

How and when did you find out that Monty had a peeing problem?

This question seems like it would have an obvious answer, but it doesn’t! When we first adopted Monty, we had no idea that this was an issue because not even the animal shelter we got him from knew about it. When Monty was at the shelter, the blankets he slept on were washed every day and they never noticed any pee on them. We also did not notice anything when Monty came to live with us. It’s actually not even noticeable on white or dark fabric, especially when you’re not looking for it. Also, since Monty is neutered, his pee doesn’t have any strong smell. 😉

So how did we find out? It was actually Monty that discovered it first! A couple of weeks after adopting Monty, we saw him sniffing our duvet with great interest. It was only then that we saw that he had peed on it. From there, we called the vet to ask what to do since it kept happening again and again.

Urine samples from the vet came back clear and an ultrasound of his bladder showed that he might have a loose bladder. The vets suggested some medicine for incontinence, but since Monty only peed when he was in a deep sleep, dreaming, and didn’t even notice it, we decided to keep him off any medications for this. He didn’t seem unhappy from it, it wasn’t hurting him, and maybe he would outgrow the problem over time. If it became a problem in the future where it was harming Monty in some way, then we would consider medicine.

It’s been 5 years now and Monty is still peeing in his sleep. What was once peeing once in a while is now all the time when he is sleeping. We don’t mind though because Monty is still happy and unphased by it. It is so cute to us because when he’s dreaming and about to pee, his whiskers and feet twitch!

On a daily basis, how do you handle all the peeing?

We have pee pads all over the house! 😉

In the beginning, we washed the duvets and the duvet covers every day, but it was just so much work putting the duvet covers back on all the time! So, we found some very soft duvets that don’t require a cover. That helped a lot in terms of saving time and water during laundry days. After the duvets went through the washing machine, you would never even know there was a little bit of Monty’s pee on it! And, we have seven duvets, so we always have extras if we don’t do laundry for a day or two.

We also have soft baby blankets placed all over the house where Monty loves to nap. They’re folded and strategically placed in his snuggle cave, his basket, and all the other places he loves to sleep. Then when it’s laundry time, it’s super easy to just remove the blanket, wash it, and put it back!

How often does Monty have pee accidents?

This is actually a tricky question to answer since we are not watching Monty all the time. For the first year after we adopted Monty, we could go weeks before we would find any pee on anything. But now, it usually happens every day and night when he is dreaming. We were hoping that it would get better over time, but it happens much more frequently now and we don’t know why! We also have no idea what he is dreaming about, but he just loses all control! Sometimes it’s only a few drops and sometimes it’s a full pee.

Monty must snuggle with us in bed every night, so we also have a pee sheet on the bed and lots of blankets and duvets. He doesn’t like to sleep on us without a soft blanket or duvet anyways, so it works out! We are just sure to start off our day by throwing all the bedding into the laundry every morning. 😉

What about bladder infections?

Monty has struggled a lot in the past with bladder infections, caused by a high pH value in his urine. Thankfully, he’s been free of bladder infections for 3 years now. We still monitor his pee, though, which means keeping a close eye on the presence of blood and measuring the pH value.

Has Monty ever peed on you?

Yes! A couple of times when Monty has fallen in a deep sleep in Michael’s arms during a movie, Michael suddenly felt something warm dribbling down him. And sure enough, Monty peed on Michael while he was sleeping! Do we think it’s disgusting? Well, it’s pee. But honestly, it’s just from our baby boy! So, we just laugh and think it’s so adorable! Pee is easily washed off and Monty can’t help it. It’s just one of his special, sweet qualities and we love him unconditionally!


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