Does Monty really pee in his sleep?

September 21, 2018 8 Comments

Does Monty really pee in his sleep?

Some of the most frequent questions we get asked is how we handle Monty peeing in his sleep all the time and why he does it. So, we have gathered all the questions related to this topic and we’re going to answer them in this blog post! Here we go!

Why does Monty pee in his sleep?

We actually don’t know why Monty pees in his sleep! After two ultrasounds of his bladder, we still have no definite answer! Between us and the vets, we think that he must have a loose bladder. He always uses the litterbox when he’s awake and never leaks anywhere. When he finds his own urine on a blanket, he seems very confused and doesn’t realize the pee is from him!

How and when did you find out that Monty had a peeing problem?

This question seems like it would have an obvious answer, but it doesn’t! When we first adopted Monty, we had no idea that this was an issue because not even the animal shelter we got him from knew about it. When Monty was at the shelter, the blankets he slept on were washed every day and they never noticed any pee on them. We also did not notice anything when Monty came to live with us. It’s actually not even noticeable on white or dark fabric, especially when you’re not looking for it. Also, since Monty is neutered, his pee doesn’t have any strong smell. 😉

So how did we find out? It was actually Monty that discovered it first! A couple of weeks after adopting Monty, we saw him sniffing our duvet with great interest. It was only then that we saw that he had peed on it. From there, we called the vet to ask what to do since it kept happening again and again.

Urine samples from the vet came back clear and an ultrasound of his bladder showed that he might have a loose bladder. The vets suggested some medicine for incontinence, but since Monty only peed when he was in a deep sleep, dreaming, and didn’t even notice it, we decided to keep him off any medications for this. He didn’t seem unhappy from it, it wasn’t hurting him, and maybe he would outgrow the problem over time. If it became a problem in the future where it was harming Monty in some way, then we would consider medicine.

It’s been 5 years now and Monty is still peeing in his sleep. What was once peeing once in a while is now all the time when he is sleeping. We don’t mind though because Monty is still happy and unphased by it. It is so cute to us because when he’s dreaming and about to pee, his whiskers and feet twitch!

On a daily basis, how do you handle all the peeing?

We have pee pads all over the house! 😉

In the beginning, we washed the duvets and the duvet covers every day, but it was just so much work putting the duvet covers back on all the time! So, we found some very soft duvets that don’t require a cover. That helped a lot in terms of saving time and water during laundry days. After the duvets went through the washing machine, you would never even know there was a little bit of Monty’s pee on it! And, we have seven duvets, so we always have extras if we don’t do laundry for a day or two.

We also have soft baby blankets placed all over the house where Monty loves to nap. They’re folded and strategically placed in his snuggle cave, his basket, and all the other places he loves to sleep. Then when it’s laundry time, it’s super easy to just remove the blanket, wash it, and put it back!

How often does Monty have pee accidents?

This is actually a tricky question to answer since we are not watching Monty all the time. For the first year after we adopted Monty, we could go weeks before we would find any pee on anything. But now, it usually happens every day and night when he is dreaming. We were hoping that it would get better over time, but it happens much more frequently now and we don’t know why! We also have no idea what he is dreaming about, but he just loses all control! Sometimes it’s only a few drops and sometimes it’s a full pee.

Monty must snuggle with us in bed every night, so we also have a pee sheet on the bed and lots of blankets and duvets. He doesn’t like to sleep on us without a soft blanket or duvet anyways, so it works out! We are just sure to start off our day by throwing all the bedding into the laundry every morning. 😉

What about bladder infections?

Monty has struggled a lot in the past with bladder infections, caused by a high pH value in his urine. Thankfully, he’s been free of bladder infections for 3 years now. We still monitor his pee, though, which means keeping a close eye on the presence of blood and measuring the pH value.

Has Monty ever peed on you?

Yes! A couple of times when Monty has fallen in a deep sleep in Michael’s arms during a movie, Michael suddenly felt something warm dribbling down him. And sure enough, Monty peed on Michael while he was sleeping! Do we think it’s disgusting? Well, it’s pee. But honestly, it’s just from our baby boy! So, we just laugh and think it’s so adorable! Pee is easily washed off and Monty can’t help it. It’s just one of his special, sweet qualities and we love him unconditionally!


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April 09, 2021

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The fable coming from roomate region

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January 27, 2021

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December 27, 2020

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December 20, 2020

Can You Find an excellent win your ex back

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Wouldn it is quality if you may gain advantage from their luck?

inside event you going through some of signs: diminished desire for foods, bouts from despression symptoms, asleep anyway several hours for the day, can’t sleep at nite, incapable of look at job, passions, and even usual chitchats while using acquaintances if you are completely reviewing a little report affectionate recession. what this means you a superb consumer for this process that is sure to provide you with outcome you observe.

also and where in case begin?

people add start the normal thinks. just possibly will the many often be? some are the problems that may more and more people in charmdate your plight cause at all times:

phone whatsoever months at the time combined with occasion asking must danger. Apologizing meant for anything that is now fallacious in the relationship (Whether to blame a person). pleading your ex gf in order to consider you in the past or perhaps a ensure that you have an additional picture. constructing a lot of assurances to vary it may seem know everthing partly are developed (among others shouldn wind up as change). don render these same discrepancies. take effect on unique flaws which will be yours moreover yours single-handedly. none of, dangerously. What you should do is trip manually from what most people are doing and your ex will expect. as being a, push one out to deserted field of operations plus period ex by surprise.

get started by- taking your head on in the right position. this can gain anything you more than anything else you can try. purge thinkings which bring about activities of a paralyzing desparation. you no time carefully as well as do more harm than good no matter what. renovation,will not win your ex back, absolutely, normally please let your ex gf head out. this is an age old praoclaiming that is as realistic nowadays as received so long ago. If suggest intended to be your ex probably a way back to you.


November 14, 2020

Coronavirus puts artificial intelligence to the test

doctor. Albert Hsiao and his colleagues at the UC San Diego health system had been working for 18 months on an artificial intelligence program designed to help doctors identify pneumonia on a chest X ray. When the coronavirus hit the us, They decided to see what it could do.

the study quickly deployed their program, Which dots X ray images with spots of color where there are lung damage or other signs of pneumonia. It has now been put on more than 6,000 pectoral X rays, And it’s displaying some value in diagnosis, defined Hsiao, The director of UCSD’s augmented imaging and artificial intelligence data analytics laboratory.

His team is one of several around the country that has pushed AI programs into the COVID 19 crisis to perform tasks like deciding which patients face the greatest risk of complications and which can be safely channeled into lower intensity care.

The machine learning programs scroll through millions of pieces of data to detect patterns that might be hard for clinicians to discern. Yet few of the algorithms have been rigorously tested against standard procedures. So while they often appear helpful, Rolling out the programs dealing with a pandemic could be confusing to doctors and dangerous for patients, Some AI specialists warn.

Topol designated a system created by Epic, A major vendor of e – health records software, That predicts which coronavirus patients may become critically ill. Using the tool before it is validated is "Pandemic exceptionalism, he was quoted saying.

Epic said the company’s model had been validated with data from more 16,000 hospitalized COVID 19 patients in 21 healthcare individuals. No research on the tool has been published for independent scientists to assess, But no matter the reason, entirely was "Developed to help clinicians make treatment decisions and is not a substitute for their judgment, Said aaron Hickman, A software coder on Epic’s cognitive computing team.

At least three healthcare AI the computer industry companies have made funding deals specific to the COVID 19 crisis, this sort of Vida Diagnostics, An AI powered lung imaging investigating company, based on Rock Health.

primary, AI’s inclusion in everyday clinical care is less common than hype over dating a latina the technology would suggest. Yet the coronavirus has inspired some hospital systems to accelerate promising systems.

UCSD hasten its AI imaging project, rolling it out in only two weeks.

Hsiao’s creation, With research funding from Amazon Web expert services, The University of California and the nation’s Science Foundation, Runs every chest X ray taken at its hospital via an AI algorithm. While no data on the setup has been published yet, Doctors report that the tool influences their clinical decision making about a third of the time, acknowledged Dr. christopher Longhurst, UCSD Health’s chief guidance officer.

“benefits to date are very encouraging, And we’re not seeing any unintended aftermaths, he was quoted saying. "Anecdotally, We’re feeling like it’s warm and friendly, Not cruel,

AI has advanced further in imaging than in other areas of clinical medicine because radiological images have tons of data for algorithms to process, And more data makes the programs more desirable, Longhurst stated.

But while AI specialists have tried to get AI to do stuff like predict sepsis and acute respiratory distress researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently won a National Science Foundation grant to use it to predict heart damage in COVID 19 patients it has been easier to plug it into less risky areas such as hospital logistics.

In new york, Two major hospital systems are using AI enabled algorithms to assist them to decide when and how patients should move into another phase of care or be sent home.

At Mount Sinai Health platform, a false intelligence algorithm pinpoints which patients might be ready to be discharged from the hospital within 72 hours, alleged Robbie Freeman, vice chairman of clinical innovation at Mount Sinai.

Freeman described the AI’s guidance as a "contact starter, Meant to help assist clinicians repairing patient cases decide what to do. AI isn’t making the all the questions.

NYU Langone Health has changed a similar AI model. It predicts whether a COVID 19 patient entering the hospital will suffer adverse events within the next four days, thought Dr. Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs, Who leads NYU Langone’s predictive analytics team.

the model will be run in a four to six week trial with patients randomized into two groups: One whose doctors will obtain alerts, And another whose doctors seriously isn’t. The algorithm should help doctors generate a list of things that may predict whether patients are at risk for associated diseases after they’re admitted to the hospital, Aphinyanaphongs proclaimed.

Some health systems are leery of rolling out a technology that requires clinical validation in the a pandemic. Others say they didn’t need AI to deal with the coronavirus.

Stanford Health Care is not using AI to manage hospitalized patients with COVID 19, celebrity fad Ron Li, The center’s medical informatics director for AI clinical intergrated,is intergrated. The san diego Bay Area hasn’t seen the expected surge of patients who would have provided the mass of data needed to make sure AI works on a population, he explained.

Outside a healthcare facility, AI enabled risk factor modeling is being used to help health systems track patients who aren’t infected with the coronavirus but might be susceptible to complications if they contract COVID 19.

At Scripps effectively, Clinicians are stratifying patients to assess their risk of getting COVID 19 and experiencing severe symptoms using a risk scoring model that considers factors like age, Chronic weather and recent hospital visits. When a patient scores 7 or maybe more, A triage nurse reaches out with details about the coronavirus and may schedule an appointment.

Though emergencies provide unique possibilities to try out advanced tools, It’s essential for health systems to ensure doctors are confident with them, And to use the tools extremely, With extensive testing and agreement, Topol claims.

“when we are in the heat of battle and overstretched, it would be great to have an algorithm to support them, he explained. "We just have to guarantee the algorithm and the AI tool isn’t misleading, Because life is at stake here.


August 15, 2020

CRA calls top fraud list across europe

and that is exactly just the tip of the iceberg, according to Rosalind Scott, leader of the BBBVI, Who noted only a small fraction of people actually report being scammed.

“very mulitply financial obligations], these types of huge sums, She rumoured.

Scott said which may be the case, But those people are not by yourself, As many have clicked on the wrong link online, Been taken in by promises of easy wins or been duped by a would be significant other.

as per the bureau, The percentage of victims truly come forward to report the crime is less than 10 per cent, And the BBB suggests actual losses could be throughout $3 billion a year.

Scott said the frauds vary, But you’ll find common threads they feed into either the fear factor in the case of email extortion scams, Or greed with regards to sweepstakes scams.

and always, The scammers stress that acting at once is vital.

Scott said the scammers are hoping they can get you to act versus think.

“I always tell people that unless the house is on fire or there’s a medical emergency nothing has to be done that second, She these.

topping this year’s top 10 list were "love scams, Which accounted for losses in excess of $22.5 million.

based on the BBB, This kind of scam can be carried out over online dating sites and carries the additional shot of emotional and psychological pain on top of the financial loss.

“not only do you lose money, But you go through supreme being made fun of, Lose on your own respect and yourself worth those are enormous losses, She explained.

The bureau’s tips to avoid falling victim to a romantic robber include never transferring money to people you have never met, Be wary of tales of hardship or family emergencies from people you are starting to get to know and it’s a red flag when those people say they are not able to meet in person.

An old favourite was no. 2 from this year’s list. income tax extortion scams cost Canadians $6 million last year.

It should come via email, Text or phone call and often says the Canada Revenue Agency is demanding money and wants immediate payment, oftentimes in Bitcoin or through gift cards.

The BBB notes afro introductions that the CRA does not make threatening phone calls or request info over the phone or by email, And it indicates deleting texts and emails claiming to be from the CRA.

Danielle Primrose, leader of the BBB on the Lower Mainland, Pointed out there’s a scam for just anyone.

“Scams are innovating. They are more excessive, devastating, genuine.

“Scammers are bolder in the past, which describe why we need to keep informed and take proactive steps to protect our information and finances, She believed.

The other countries in the list includes online purchase scams that use fake websites, business scams, a lot of phishing scams that use fake invoices, ongoing scams that go from free trial to large monthly charges with no notice, strengthen fee loans, Tech support scams that remotely take control of your computer, Cut rate home improvement scams and banking scams that suggest there was fraudulent activity on your account.

Scott said phishing and blackmail scams seem to be in vogue in the more often Victoria region right now, Though they have also seen letter campaigns using very real looking TD Canada Trust letterhead requesting information and emails claiming to be from Netflix saying payment is not received.

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