Do Cats Have Humor? 7 Things Cats Find Hilarious!

August 01, 2023

funny cat telling jokes on stage in microphone

Cats have their unique sense of humor, and while their preferences may vary, here are seven things that many cats find hilarious:


1. Laser Pointers:

Cats often find laser pointers highly amusing. The elusive red dot bouncing around triggers their hunting instincts, and they'll excitedly chase it around, pouncing and swatting at the elusive light.

2. Feather Toys:

Toys with feathers, especially ones that mimic the movements of birds, can be highly entertaining for cats. They enjoy chasing and batting at them, simulating their natural prey instincts.

3. Empty Boxes:

Cats have a strange fascination with boxes. Whether big or small, they often find joy in squeezing themselves into boxes or playfully pouncing out of them. The enclosed space provides a sense of security and adds an element of surprise.

4. Catnip:

Catnip is a herb that cats react to in various ways. It can make them hyperactive, playful, or even induce a state of relaxation. Watching a cat's response to catnip can be quite amusing as they roll around, rub against objects, or engage in playful antics.

5. Paper Balls:

A crumpled-up piece of paper can turn into an entertaining toy for a cat. They'll bat it around, chase it, and engage in playful wrestling matches with it. The lightweight and unpredictable movement of the paper ball make it intriguing for cats.

6. Interactive Toys:

Interactive toys designed to stimulate a cat's curiosity and intelligence can provide hours of entertainment. These toys often feature hidden treats or movable parts that cats can manipulate to access the rewards.

7. Surprise Attacks:

Cats have a mischievous side and enjoy engaging in playful surprise attacks. They might hide behind a door or furniture and pounce on an unsuspecting person or another pet, finding immense amusement in the startled reactions they provoke.

Remember, each cat has its own unique personality, so their sense of humor may vary. It's essential to observe and understand your individual cat's preferences to provide them with the most enjoyable and safe playtime experiences.


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